Our Story

Kids Learning And You. GAMMA PRESCHOOL

GAMMA was founded from deep rooted beliefs that:

• Care and education must be delivered together for the best and most holistic development of the child, especially between the ages of 2-6. They cannot be mutually exclusive services.
• Exposing a young child to the right learning environment, plays a pivotal role in their development

Our mission is to ensure, that children experience happiness in their most formative years. In order to nurture a positive attitude in children, it is critical to:

• Support parents to create a stress free home or work environment
• Surround them with enthusiastic, loving adults who challenge them in creative ways
• Expose them to a variety of high quality learning tools
• Acknowledge and understand their opinions, their worldview and their interests
• Encourage them to develop their minds, their bodies and their personalities so they may reach their potential.


Knowledge. Imagination. Discovery. We bring them into the magnificent worlds of literature, maths, science and arts. Engaging each child to explore and participate in their own way, we inspire them to think independently and express themselves confidently.

Children are our delight. We are always in awe of their unique strengths and talents. We celebrate who they are now and marvel at the person they can be.

With parents as partners, we spark children’s natural curiosity into a love of learning and empower them with skills for life.